9 False Economies of Cheap Data Cabling Installations

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Article

When purchasing a data cabling system there are many factors to consider, price is often at the forefront of people’s decision-making process. However, cheap cabling installations are often rife with false economies that end up costing you more in the long run.

Lynx Networks is not the cheapest installer of data cabling. We don’t want to be. Instead we focus on providing true value for money for our customers by building effective networks that last. The following is a list of things that cabling companies could do to reduce costs that could likely end up being detrimental to the quality of your data cabling installation.


1. Use subcontracted installers

Using sub-contracted installers does not necessarily mean a poor cabling network, but if cabling companies do not have robust processes for installer selection then there is no guarantee on the quality of work.

At Lynx, our own full-time installers are proud to be recognised for the quality of their work. Employing them directly ensure we can assure a high level of quality control for our customers.


2. Buy cheap or non-compliant components

This may seem fairly obvious, but cutting corners on the quality of parts can have a detrimental effect on your cabling network. Copper-clad aluminium cable, for example, which is available from electrical wholesalers is much cheaper than solid copper cable but it’s vastly inferior.


3. Don’t allow for expansion

A good data cabling project manager will always design a cabling network with flexibility built in. Running cable into position for a double outlet has a very similar cost to running cable to a single outlet and, in the long run, revisiting to install more outlets works out more expensive.


4. Install insufficient containment

Similar to point 3, a good project manager will allow for expansion of the network. Cable routes and containment (trunking, cable baskets etc.) should have capacity for more cable to installed as your need grow.


5. Skimp on the cable lengths

A well-considered network installation will allow for cable relocations, particularly at the cabinet end. A data cabling company looking to reduce costs can forgo leaving slack on cables, cutting corners and leaving nothing spare for small moves. This will can cost more in the long run when making changes to the layout of a network.


6. Rush the installation

Rushing a cabling installation normally means that cables are not properly secured along their routes, creating a messy installation that will get worse over time as the network expands.

At Lynx, we don’t put pressure on our installers to take short cuts and get finished quicker. Providing our customers with a quality installation that survives the test of time is at the core of our business.


7. Don’t fully test

The test equipment required to certify an installation against British Standards is very expensive, and testing takes time but you’ll know that your cabling will work when you need it to.


8. Don’t provide a warranty

The vast majority of our data cabling installations come with a 25-year warranty. We wouldn’t give a long warranty if we weren’t sure about the quality of the installation so can have peace of mind that you won’t be let down.


9. Ignore the fire regs

Lynx adheres to the regulations that stipulate the cable should have a sufficient CPR fire rating and must be secured over fire escape routes so it will not collapse prematurely in the event of a fire.

False economies of a cheap data cabling installation

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