How will the new data cable CPR EuroClasses affect you?

Jul 31, 2018 | Article

For over 20 years, Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) data cables have been the popular choice, but this is changing. Data cables are now to be labelled with a Construction Product Regulation (CPR) EuroClass rating to indicate their fire properties. For example, what was LSZH cable will now be labelled EuroClass Eca.

Cables with the much better EuroClass Cca fire performance are also becoming available.

The BS 6701 standard which covers telecoms cable specification and installation now states that for new buildings and refurbishments, Cca cable must be specified unless the client specifically asks for a different EuroClass classification.

Cca cable is more expensive than Eca and is not as readily available so Lynx Networks, in order to continue providing the best value for money and short lead times, is currently going to specify Eca cable unless it’s for a new building or a building refurbishment. However, you may prefer to spend more for a better fire rating, particularly if it’s for a public building.

We will make the cable type clear in our quotations, giving reasons and costed options as appropriate.

If you want a 6000-word, in-depth explanation of the CPR relating to data cabling, as provided by the FibreOptic Industry Association, click here.

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