Quality Policy Statement

Lynx Networks (Lynx) provides: The design, development and support of IT infrastructure and systems; the supply, assembly and installation of IT and telecommunications cabling including post installation and maintenance; provision of cloud-based IT services.

This includes on-site installation of IT infrastructure, remote support and technical services on customers’ premises. The aim is to operate efficiently.This is achieved by operating a Quality Management System (QMS) based on the following Quality Principles.


Satisfied customers are essential for our continued success. We seek to establish and maintain long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our customers by never selling them anything we don’t believe they need and always meeting or exceeding their expectations.



The top management is committed to the implementation and continued development of an effective QMS. They will ensure compliance with the statutory, regulatory, legislative and contractual requirements. An environment will be nurtured where people can be fully involved and committed to achieving the quality objectives.



Employees are the company’s most important resource so we aim to recruit well-motivated and competent people and to ensure their continued development, benefiting the individual and Lynx.



Our processes for delivering services and products will be planned and continually developed to ensure the best outputs. Resources will be used efficiently and waste will be minimised.



Systems are in place to enable processes and methods to be monitored and, where necessary, improved. Improvements can be initiated from many sources including suggestions, complaints, feedback, satisfaction surveys and quality audits.


Relationship management

We will seek to develop mutually beneficial relationships with all interested parties to improve quality; leading to greater reliability, enhanced services and increased efficiency.



We adhere to the requirements of industry accreditations including FIA Accredited Installer, Cisco Premier Partner, HP Business Partner, Microsoft Authorised Education Partner and Cyber Essentials.


ISO9001 Certification

Our QMS is externally audited by NQA and has been certified as meeting BS ISO 9001:2008. We are currently working towards certification meeting BS ISO 9001:2015.

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