17 Things to Know When Planning A Cabling System

by Sep 19, 2017Article

The following is a concise list of questions that need to be answered before a cabling system installation can be designed and planned.


1. Where are the cables going from and to?

2. Is the cable specification for the present and future purpose known?

3. Will any adverse conditions, such as water, affect the choice of cable?

4. Can the supplier carry out a site survey or do the calculations need to be carried out from plans?

Cable routes

5. Are cable routes available and accessible to meet the installation schedule?

6. Is containment required, either for aesthetic reasons and/or protection

7. Will the design of and ducts, conduit, tray and trunking allow installation of the cable without risk of damage?

8. What existing draw ropes are functional?

9. Do draw ropes need to be installed in any ducts?

10. Will any catenary wire needs to be installed?

11. Are existing catenary wires, if required, suitable for the additional cable?

12. Can the cable(s) be installed without damaging existing cables?

13. Can existing ceiling tiles, floor covers or duct covers be removed as required?


14. Are the premises or cable routes free of asbestos and is an asbestos register is available for reference?

15. Any there any known health and safety risks associated with the route? E.g. Unstable infrastructure, harmful substances, vermin?

16. What safety precautions will be required? E.g. Testing for gas hazard; Erection of guards and protective structures; Warning signs.


17. Where does the cabling system installation fit into the program of works?

A Lynx Networks project manager can help you to determine the answers to these questions in discussion, using any plans and specifications you have available. A site survey would always be carried out where possible and in most cases would be free of charge. So if you have a cabling requirement you would like help with, please talk to us.

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