Cabinet Upgrade for LondonEnergy

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Case Study

The Client

LondonEnergy divert household waste and recycling from landfill in order to produce energy. Their flagship site is situated at the EcoPark; a forty-acre site in Edmonton. They have been a customer of Lynx Networks since 2002.

The Challenge

LondonEnergy wanted to upgrade some of their existing switches with more modern ‘chassis style’ switches, but the network cabinet in question had reached capacity. To allow room for the new switching, as well as future growth, the 27u cabinet would have to be replaced with a 42u.

To complete the cabinet upgrade, the network that it served would have to be taken offline. This meant that the work would have to adhere to a strict schedule to minimise disruption to operations.

The Solution

To ensure minimal disruption, it was agreed that the cabinet upgrade would take place over a weekend. One day prior to the work, a Lynx engineer visited site to produce a patching schedule with detailed notes on the source and destination of all of the patch cords. This gave the team the best possible chance to complete the work over a Saturday and Sunday and also provided the customer with a map of their cabinet for future use.

Under the proposal, a 2 man team had to complete the following work over a weekend:

  • Removal of the old cabinet and its patching
  • Disconnection of 216 Cat5e cable runs
  • Installation of a new 42u network cabinet
  • Re-dressing of the Cat5e cable runs (including sock)
  • Retermination of 216 Cat5e cable runs
  • Re-patching the panels to the switches as per the patching schedule

After the work was carried out, a Lynx technician attended site on the following Monday morning in a stand-by capacity to rectify any issues that may have been caused as a result of the upgrade.

The Result

Leading sustainable energy producer, LondonEnergy (LEL) underwent an overhaul to replace the company’s current data infrastructure. Rather than install network points on an ad-hoc basis, the LEL team required their entire network updated and for the new system to meet current and future requirements. There were issues with their existing network rack serving the office and the external were reaching full capacity. To ensure the switchover went smoothly with no technical issues we first replaced an old cabinet that would reach full capacity if not updated. The project was a success.


We look forward to working with Lynx on future projects. The team are friendly, professional and significantly reduce the task of tracing cables and fixings in a plant built in the late sixties. We class Lynx as our networking partners rather than a supplier.

– Michael Hooper, LondonEnergy

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